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 Youth Leadership Camps for Children 
Youth Leadership Camp at Shangri-La Ranch in New River, AZ, as well as nudist camps operating in Virginia and Florida, are just a few of an increasing number of nudist camps for children ages 11-18. Since many of these children attend the camp without their parents, the camp has raised concerns among state officials and lawmakers mainly because of their lack of investigating, and jumping to the wrong conclusion. film crew was there, see Nudes in the News Show #25.

These camps are good for teens' self-esteem and nudism is NOT about sexuality and exploitation. But opponents, like Florida Congressman Mark Foley, are concerned about sexual or lewd behavior between campers, as well as the background checks and the application process for camp counselors, volunteers and staff. 

Four pre-teens and teens Ali, 12, and her sister Amanda, 15 & Justine, 11, and her brother, Kyle, 16. Kyle and Justine told John Walsh on his TV show that they love going to nudist camp because they feel secure and are not judged based on what clothes they have on or what their bodies look like. Ali has gone to the nudist camp for 3 years and says she enjoys it because going to camp makes her feel good about herself, and kids really get to know each other and care about what's on the inside. Amanda has gone to nudist camp for 6 years; she insists that people have the wrong idea about the camp. Eric & Kathy, Ali & Amanda's stepfather and mother, say that nudist camp has helped their daughters have more confidence and higher self-esteem than they would have at a regular camp, and say opponents of the camps should really investigate before they condemn nudists' way of life. Marion, Kyle & Justine's grandmother, also defends the existence of the camps. She's been a nudist for 15 years and even worked as a volunteer this past summer at the teen nudist camp that her grandchildren attended. Patty is the manager of Shangri-La Ranch, a clothing optional resort just outside of Phoenix, AZ, which recently hosted a teen nudist camp that her three children - ages 11, 14 & 16 - attended. Patty believes kids benefit from the camp. 22-year-old Steven, who was a counselor at a teen nudist camp this past June, says he's tired of hearing all the misconceptions about nudism.

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