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 Promoting Younger Naturism
By Aaron Stewart 

Aaron Stewart Working for CFI, I have had the opportunity to go to well-known clubs, resorts, beaches, and hot springs. When I attend these places, I find that many of the people there are at least over thirty and that concerns me. I have to ask, “Where are all the younger naturists?” I’m in my 20s, and while I’ve enjoyed my time with older crowds, I fear for the future of naturism if we don’t start coming out of the small, local “hideouts” no one notices and jump head first into naturism’s mainstream.

Many clubs and resorts cater to their more mature guests, due in part to the fact that they are reliable visitors. Before students and young adults can begin to ask for concessions and incentives, we have to make our presence known. We also must show that we can handle naturism with maturity and buck the image of our younger generations provided by the media and the way we, as a group, seem to live up to low expectations. It is our job to change the public’s perception of young people altogether. Why can’t the young naturists lead the way?

We are the next generation of naturists and we must not let this lifestyle die out. If we want to expand naturism’s reach in society, we must become more active. We must start attending clubs and events, letting them know that we exist and are a viable market to appeal to. When more of us start showing up, we should then start looking at innovative ways to appeal to our generation. Those of us in our teens and 20s are always strapped for cash, so discounts to resorts for students and young adults would be an easy way to appeal to us. We could also have more events targeting our age group, or at least through the contacts we make when we go out, we could create our own!

There are a lot of fears that young people have when it comes to public nudity, but maybe if we all just attended one naturist event, we would feel our worries slip away and enjoy the time we have out practicing a lifestyle we enjoy. If we can get them to come out of the hideaways and into a naturist event, the naturist way could become more than a one-time diversion and could lead to future interest.

Young or old, all naturists have the same interest: to enjoy life and be nude while doing it. Since I have been traveling to clubs and resorts with CFI, I have met all kinds of adults who share CFI’s goals and who feel we are doing a great thing by getting more young adults involved. Some have even wished us the best of luck in our “movement.”

To the younger naturists out there: make yourself be known and heard. Show up to a local resort and take in what they have. If interested, ask questions about the possibility of student or family discounts. Be courteous and show the older generations that young people are only different in age, not maturity and respect. Once we pave the way toward acceptance in the naturist community, we will grow our numbers and hand off a strong tradition to the next generation of naturists.

Have fun in the sun and do it nude. 

ClothesFree International, Inc.