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Sure other clothing has it's uses, and is even needed at times, but it's also highly over rated and way over used. Clothing is often uncomfortable, tight, constrictive, pinching, irritating, scratchy, hot, dysfunctional, it can be a safety hazard, and is just plain not needed much of the time!  Many people enjoy the freedom and ultra comfort of unclothes in private situations (like sex, bathing, and for many, sleeping) but cover up in more social situations.  Doing this is not only silly, it's harmful, it promotes shame and negative, dysfunctional attitudes towards the human body which is so basic and essential to us all.

Unclothes are popular!
Over 60% of married couples, without children, and 35% of families in America all go naked together at home.  When asked why, in a survey, the most common reply was that they saw no reason to wear clothing at home or around family members.  These percentages (and the popularity of unclothes) are growing fast as people are discovering that there are often no sensible or logical reasons to wear clothes when alone, with family, with friends, or even around people they don't know at a pool, park, beach, resort, etc.  They are discovering that there are sensible, logical, enjoyable, positive, and liberating reasons to not wear clothes in many situations.

Unclothes feel great!
If you know how great it feels to get out of uncomfortable shoes, it feels even better to get out of all your clothes!  Alone, with family and/or friends, at home, a beach, or nudist club more and more people leave school or work looking forward to getting out of their restrictive, uncomfortable clothing to enjoy the simple, relaxing, stress reducing, freedom of nakedness.  If you haven't yet, try it, you'll like it!

Unclothes are healthy!
Tight clothing such as briefs, belts, bras, and elastic etc., can interfere with normal breathing, digestive functions, blood, lymphatic fluid circulation, and more.  Due to the contrast of exposed vs. covered skin and sun light reflecting off fabric, it is easier to avoid nasty sunburns without clothes (with due caution to total exposure time, of course).  Your body is only able to get the full benefits from the sun (which supplies us with vitamin D), air, and water, without clothes.

The puritan often will brood on how horrid it to be nude; the absence of clothing he views with such loathing that naked truth strikes him as lewd. - D. R. Benson
Unclothes are FREE!
The price of clothing is ridiculous, you can spend $20.00, $50.00, $100.00 or more just for a swimsuit!  Or you can swim, play sports, workout, clean house, relax, and do a lot of other stuff without paying for unneeded clothing, while enjoying those activities more.  Once you swim in just your skin, you'll likely never want to wear a swimsuit again.  The best things in life really are free, like unclothes!

Unclothes reduce hassles!
When out working in your yard or if the kids go out and play in the mud all you have to do is hose off.  You save all that time, money, work, and hassle you would usually spend to wash and dry dirty clothing.

Unclothes are ready to wear!
Around the house, on vacation, camping, by the pool, at the beach, it is the easiest way to be and enjoy yourself in comfort.  Sleep naked and when you wake in the morning your all ready dressed for the day.  Swim naked and when you stop it's easy to dry off and get comfortable fast, no more wet, cold, clingy swimsuits!

Unclothes are great for children!
Children raised in a clothing optional environment have far less hang up's about the body and its development then children raised in a clothes compulsive environment.  Being comfortable with nudity helps builds self-esteem and a sense of well-being about ones self and others.  It communicates that the whole body is good and acceptable, and it educates children naturally, on body differences and changes.

Unclothes are a great money, energy, and work saver!
When it's hot you can run the air conditioner less by going naked. There is less laundry to do thus saving work, water, laundry detergent, and electricity or gas for drying.  Clothing is often ruined by paint, grape juice spills, and such, while with unclothes things such as this clean up easily.  (Although protective clothing is recommended around some chemicals.)  Household chores, exercise, and many other activities are less strenuous and much more comfortable without clothes.  You can stretch, bend, stoop, etc. with ease.  Nothing tugging or rubbing your body and making you uncomfortable.

These are just a few of the advantages of unclothes.  People who enjoy living this way could talk all day as to why.  Try it yourself and you will discover reasons of your own.  After you shower in the morning wait a while to dress, try reading the paper, watching T.V., doing your hair, or any other countless things and you will soon be enjoying the freedom of unclothes more then clothes.  As many others, like you, already do.  Unclothes give you a wonderful feeling of comfort and freedom that can never be matched by clothes.  Put this to a test; wear clothing (even just underwear or a swimsuit) in the shower or bathtub.  YUK!!  Why would anyone want to do that!  Well it makes no more sense then wearing clothing for swimming or hot tubbing, yet people do it all the time!  For your next test try swimming or hot tubbing without a swimming suit or other clothes, WOW! does that feel better!  That's only one example of unclothes being better then clothes.  Now see how many more ways can you find where unclothes are best!