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This remarkable swimsuit is ultra comfortable (in fact you can not wear a better fitting or feeling swim suit ever).  It looks great on all ages, sizes, and races, has a lifetime guarantee, is stain resistant, and cleans very easily (in fact you'll never put it in the laundry!).  This swimsuit gives you a greater feeling of freedom both in and out of the water. It allows all of your body to dry at an even rate after coming out of the water, rather than leaving part of you cold and damp as most swimsuits do.  It doesn't leave unsightly tan lines and when worn with nothing else it helps you overcome destructive, unhealthy feelings of insecurity and shame.  It is so perfect for swimming and sunbathing why would you ever want to wear anything else??  Many have tried to improve on it and failed!  On top off all these great benefits unlike other swimming suits that can cost $20 - $60 or more this one is FREE!  In fact you already have it!

It's your skin!
The only sensible thing to wear for swimming, sunbathing, and more!

Man made swimming suits are irrelevant to any activity in, under, or out of the water.  Not only do they not aid swimming, they are a restrictive hindrance and uncomfortable irritation while swimming.  Man made swimming suits are nothing but stupid rags of shame.  For those that accept and consider the whole human body to be inherently good and decent they are in fact prison suits.  Prison suits mandated by unjust laws, passed by people with contempt for the human body.  Artificial swimming suits enforce the idea that there is something shameful, wrong or indecent with certain parts of the human body that must be kept covered in public and hidden.  Should we feel that way about our bodies?  Is this attitude about our bodies healthy?  No, in fact this attitude is extremely destructive and unhealthy.  If man made swimming suits had any real functional, or beneficial purpose people would always want to wear them even in the shower or tub when alone, not just at the beach or pool in public.

There are good health reasons to NOT wear man made swimming suits.  They do not help to keep us warm or dry, in fact after we come out of the water wearing them; they help keep parts of your body cold and wet making you more susceptible to colds.  Exposure of ALL of the skin to the sun, without over doing it, aids the synthesis of Vitamin D promoting a strong immune system and general health.  The skin functions better as a whole, sensing the environment, and regulating body temperature when fully exposed to sun, air, and water unimpeded by any clothing.  Tight clothing, such as swimming suits and the tights worn for aerobics, jogging, etc., may cause health problems by restricting the natural flow of blood and lymphatic fluid and impeding the removal of toxins from the body.  Artificial swimsuits and other garments such as underwear and athletic clothing can harbor disease-causing bacteria and yeast.  Research has linked such swimming suits to an increased susceptibility to stings from sea lice which get trapped in them.  (For hikers clothes have also been shown to increase the chances of being bit by ticks which hide or get trapped in them.)  On the vanity side, man made swim suits cause unsightly tan lines.  Nude people look younger, perhaps this is simply because their body isn't constricted.  For example, seals are beautiful animals, but wrap one up in clothing like a sausage casing, put a girdle on it, and flab's will stick out everywhere making the poor seal look like a blob.  It works the same way with humans.  People concerned about weight look much better nude, without artificial swimming suits causing flab's to stick out.  If someone is trying to loose weight it should be for health reasons, not to fit into an artificial, man made swimming suit!

Just as there are valid reasons for clothing, there are also valid reasons and benefits from going without clothing not JUST for sex or bathing, but also for activities such as swimming, sunbathing, exercise, relaxing, and many, many others.  Always wearing clothes in public has been shown to cause increased body shame and psychological dependence with many people tying their self-identity, acceptance, and worth to the clothes they wear.  They are unable to accept themselves for who they are.  We are all born with a body.  We spend our entire lives in it.  There are two basic verities, known to all, male and    'female.  Yet many can't bare to see their nudity or that of others, they think it's indecent!  It is unhealthy if you can't look at someone that is completely naked without discomfort.  Discomfort with nudity partly explains why people have problems relating to and accepting others, as well as themselves.  It means you are unable to completely accept yourself and others as you/they are.

Clothing creates a series of false images people use everyday to represent themselves in misleading ways.  If you're dignity, respect, self-esteem, or anything emotional is tied to the clothing you wear or the act of wearing clothing, if you feel you are shameful or indecent without clothing, you need a more solid self-image.  I can't fathom why a person has to wear something to maintain their dignity.  We were created with dignity, clothes don't give us dignity, they cover and hide our inherent, natural dignity!  That many people can't bare to associate with others without hiding behind clothing and demand that everyone else must do the same is a sign of deep insecurity and/or the result of false thinking (or  conditioning) regarding the decency of the body.  It's time to stop this insanity and for people who know the human body is good and decent to stop covering up because of those who believe it is obscene.

For a religious person to be ashamed of nudity shows they believe there is something wrong with how their creator made them, which logically means there must also be something wrong with the creator to have made them in such a shameful way.  Sadly a spirit/body dualism characterizes much of Christianity.  This however does not come from the Bible or ancient Judaism; instead it comes from a Gnostic heresy that has infected much Christian thought and writing from the first century onward.  The Bible states that all of God's creation is very good in Gen. 1:31 and reaffirms it many times through scripture.

Don't to fool yourself that you should wear a swimming suit for modesty.  Covering only small parts of the body when there is no practical or functional reason to only heightens interest in those parts by drawing attention to them.  In fact calling attention to one's genitals, buttocks, and breasts is a well understood purpose of most modern swimming suits, both in design and in use.  We become curious and tantalized by things that are hidden, things we want to see but can't  (which means insisting that even more of the body be kept covered, to reduce sexual interest in it, actually makes it even more tantalizing, not less!).  Such hidden things are as tantalizing as forbidden fruit to Adam and Eve or an off limits cookie jar full of cookies to a child.  Well, perhaps this does mean that man-made swimsuits may have some purpose out of the water!  But, ask yourself, do you really want people to be curious about and tantalized by your emphasized and hidden body parts or to be attracted to the whole you?

Interest in the human body is natural but when there is no healthy, non-sexual way to satisfy that interest it can manifest itself in sexually unhealthy ways.  For example: the U. S. has the highest teenage pregnancy rate as well as the highest percentage of sex crimes in the developed world.  The U. S. also has one of the biggest hang-ups with nudity!  This is the heritage of those that consider the body to be obscene!  Those that view nudity as indecent have a deeper reason why they have to hide who they are and demand the same of others.  It has nothing to do with nudity itself.  It is insecurity at some level.  It's time we freed ourselves from bondage to their (or our own) insecurities, shame, and self-contempt!  Many people don't wear artificial, man-made swimming-suits as a matter of conscience.  They believe that the whole human body is good, wholesome, pure, decent and refuse to wear a such swimsuits or other unnecessary clothing out of shame.  If you agree join us...  Become an CFI member, take off your artificial swimming suit and put on body respect!