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What's gender balance have to do with naturism?

Nude recreation to me is just another form of recreation like bowling, golf, sunbathing, etc.  If by chance there were mostly men bowling one day for instance, no one would think "oh no, we need gender balance!" to make bowling work.

I get naked for me, not for the women or anyone else.  Keep sex in the bedroom and let's all enjoy nude recreation no matter who wants to show up.  The true naturist women wouldn't even think twice about it because like any other activity where there is no sex, it doesn't matter. And if you say women get nervous around a bunch of men, I don't believe it, not if the men behave.  If someone doesn't behave, kick 'em out, just like anywhere else, and there will be no problems.  Most people get over any sex hang-ups at nude events during the first day, why can't certain resort owners get over it after 30 years of preaching about how sex has nothing to do with naturism yet will not let single men participate.  Let naturism grow! Let everyone who wants in, in.  In the long run there will be many more people involved and eventually a natural balance!

In the United States when naturist children grow up and turn eighteen, they and any of their friends are usually still single and can't get into certain resorts and they give up! That hinders growth and that is why there aren't many young people at those resorts.

Article by Mike Taylor

ClothesFree International, Inc.