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 Casual meetings
My friend, Alex, found a naturist site, at Aahen (Germany).  He phoned them and arranged a meeting at a pool, that naturist hired.  To our great astonishment, the naturist who met us were so cordial and warm, that our anxiety cleared away like a smoke.  All of these like-minded naturists were mature people and rather meaty.  There was nobody younger than 35 and they were all married.  As they received us wonderfully, I had the feeling that we had been friends for ages, despite the fact, that we speak with Russian accents!

It turned out, that apart from the pool, there was also a small area out of town that we named ,"the Garden of Eden".  It consisted of a small park, lawns and a field for beach volleyball.

The area of our society was fenced off by a dense and high hedge.  A park with gravel paths, benches, exotic plants, and branchy trees, which gave enough shadow even in hot summer days.

Almost everyday, Alex and I, were in "Garden of Eden ".  We, as the other members, would undress and engaged in our personal affairs.  Everyone did what they wanted: some would sunbathe in the meadow, some, read a book, others would playing volleyball or talk peacefully.  Even the old and children were there, but basically - mature people of 40-50.  We were the only representatives of the youth, Alex, 25, and me, 21 years old.  That is why we felt it was a bit boring to talk to these people.  Although they were very sincere and friendly, they were noticeably older than us.

Having talked enough with our naturist friends, we usually found a secluded bench somewhere, in our picturesque park, to read something interesting or just discussed interesting topics.  We often went for walks, through the acres of the naturists park, that seemed to us so enormous, at first.

Soon, we got to know every bush and tree in our park and we decided to expand the route of our walks.  Besides, we could kiss as much as we wanted (what is forbidden according to the rules of naturists) out of the park.  First we dressed a little - I took pants, my friend - swimming trunks, but then we decided not to be clothed at all, and started walking as we usually liked to be - naked.  It was much more pleasant for us.

Time and again we kept on moving farther and farther from the nudist camp, where we left our clothes and got deeper into a forest in search of new naked adventures and feelings.  We found blackberries, and ate them, laughed and joked, embraced and kissed, as nobody could see us.  Strangely enough, having walked naked on grass, we felt the warm wind and sun all over, and we felt more naturally than any person in a city, dressed like a dandy.

Once we left the camp far behind and stumbled across a small river with a sandy bottom.  On both sides, it was surrounded by cane and thorny bushes.  This peaceful haven was bathed by the midday sun, which warmed the shallow, clear water .  We did not need undressing - I was absolutely nude with Alex.  We jumped into the water, without thinking.  We swam, dived, splashed each other, trying to excel in each others folly.

After swimming we basked in the sun , sitting naked on the warm stones in the middle of the forest creek.  It felt so good, we didn't need to dress after swimming: it was so wonderful to go through the forest without any clothes, hugging and kissing, in the serene quiet of the forest, and feeling the warmth of each others arms and the cogged-wheel breathing of our congenial souls.  Not far from our camp we found a surprisingly beautiful flower in the grass, and as I bent over it to see it better, we suddenly heard the noise of bikes and the voices of cyclists.  Alex and I, glanced at each other, but we had no time to do anything, as they approached close to us and stopped, because the path was very narrow and they couldn't manage to pass by.

It was a young married couple with two children.  Both of them had bicycles like their parents.  The children stared at us amazingly from behind the backs of their parents.  Indeed, the sight was touching: an absolutely naked, boy and girl, sunburned and slim, standing on a forest path, holding hands.  The woman excused herself politely and wanted to turn around: she was embarrassed no less then we were.  Alex asked them not to worry and not to change their route, because of us.  I told them very politely that we were naturists and members of FKK, and our camp was situated a few steps away.

We made excuses for our appearance and asked them to carry on their way.  We behaved rather naturally and talked sincerely - our nakedness was more appropriate in that forest than the clothes of our casual acquaintances.  Helmut and Eva, as we got to know afterwards, said that they preferred having a tan without clothes and didn't mind our walking naked in the forest; their children are dressed, only in the presence of their guests and when it is cold.

Having talked for a while we invited them, to phone the chairman of our society to arrange a visit to the pool.  By the end of the conversation Alex and I, felt very comfortable without clothes and talking with dressed people.  We saw in their eyes something like admiration and esteem for us, as we were free of middle-aged prejudices, being ones who can live in harmony with nature and with each other.

We said good-bye to our talkative and casual friends and returned to the camp.  This summer, to our delight, for all of July and August, the weather was warm, and we both were coming to swim in our creek every day.  Sometimes we took a couple of children of our naturists friends, who liked playing in water of the shallow creek.

After that meeting with Helmut and Eva we were no longer afraid of being met by any fortuitous strangers during our walk in the forest, and children, who came with us, did not think at all that they had gone without any clothes and took the nakedness of others for granted, as much as their own breathing...

So, came the end, of this tender and kind summer of 2003, which I spent with my beloved man, although we had planned to go to sea, we do not regret it at all!

Article donated by Galina