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A Large Clothing Optional City
Cap d'Agde is an enormous resort community divided into two sections: the "naturist" section and the "textile" section. In the summer the naturist section swells to a whopping 40,000 people. It's an international clothing-optional city, with its own produce shops, bakeries, restaurants and nightclubs, where people in every possible state of dress and undress roam freely.

Waiting to pay for your grocery purchase, you might easily find yourself standing behind a French woman with a full shopping cart, naked except for her high-heeled sandals and pale blue nail polish, while behind you a portly German man wearing only a tight-fitting American T-shirt and broad straw sun hat waits impatiently to buy a bottle of ketchup.

Only on the white sand beach do you find signs reading Nudité Obligatoire -- ostensibly to discourage voyeurism. In the evenings, however, when it cools off, people dress for dinner -- this is still France, after all!

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